Lee McCreary
I am currently under a semi-retired status.  Now operating under the
name of LeeMc Enterprises, we continue to maintain our clients
websites and are accepting new clients by Referral Only.
LeeMc Enterprises, Inc. was closed on April 30, 2012.

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New Business Name: LeeMc Enterprises

Complete Website Development
Website Hosting & Maintenance
Graphic Design & Illustrations
Specialized Database Developing & Programming

New company office is closed on Monday & Thursday
Finally getting to play a little more golf.
Note! Made wife take extra job for money to play more golf.

I sincerely thank all of my clients for their many years of Confidence in LeeMc Enterprises, Inc.
Rest assured we will continue to give the same excellent service.

Phone: 540-344-0915 - E-Mail: leemc@verizon.net
2303 Denniston Ave, Roanoke, VA 24015